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Welcome to The Voice Workshop™

The Jeanie LoVetri Show: Our Vocal Universe

The Jeanie LoVetri Show: Our Vocal Universe is a new program currently on Manhattan Neighborhood Network's MNN HD, the community channel. The program features interviews with experts in the world of voice in all its forms. Upcoming shows will feature guests who are actors, speech teachers, medical doctors who deal with the voice (laryngologists), speech language pathologists with expertise in voice, choral conductors, music educators, voice science researchers, announcers, clergy, singers and others who rely upon the voice in their line of work. We may also include writers who must have a unique voice as well. Currently only those living in Manhattan (New York City) can view the shows, but we will soon open a designated YouTube channel to highlight the shows and allow viewers from all over to subscribe to the full episodes. If you would like to suggest a New York City based vocal expert, or if you have someone who is willing to be Skyped in, please contact us. We are open to your feedback and will listen to your comments as we proceed in this exciting new direction. E-Mail

Show #1
Our first guest was Gabriele Tranchina, jazz vocalist and composer and children's music educator.Gabriele shared her exploration of singing in her younger days and how it evolved into working with her own jazz singing in the present. We have two clips of her in performance, both very unique, showing the diversity of her vocal expression and the uniqueness of her style.

Jeanie LoVetri and Gabriele Tranchina

Show #2
Our second guest was Jack Eppler, singer, singing teacher and choral conductor. Jack took us on the journey of his own vocal curiosity and his deep love for songs, particularly those that are classical. He also talked about his chorus and how he came to create a non-auditioned group of 70 singers who do performances a year; and have two clips of one of those concerts on view.

Jeanie LoVetri andJack Eppler

Our Vocal Universe hopes to be an inspiration to you and get you thinking about your own voice and your own vocal universe. It's a great topic!

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Somatic Voicework™ Training

The new LoVetri Institute for Somatic Voicework™ will offer all three Levels of Somatic Voicework™ at Baldwin Wallace University in Berea Ohio (suburb of Cleveland) July 22nd through July 30th 2017. This program, nationally and internationally recognized by singers, singing teachers, music educators and vocal professionals from speech language pathology, voice science and medicine, has graduated over 1200 individuals. For more detailed information and the link to registration please visit LoVetri Institute at Baldwin Wallace web page. For any questions, please email Meredith Kurtz at Baldwin Wallace

Teacher Training Days and Teacher Support Groups

On Saturday April 9, Jeanie will do a one-day Master Class/Intro to SVW at Wheaton College in Norton MA, 9-4pm. That will be open to everyone and is hosted by Rhode Island RI NATS. On Sunday April 10, Jeanie will hold a TSG at Roger Williams University in Bristol 1-5pm, fee $85 for SVW grads and Jeanie will work with students of SVW teachers in front of the group. Those interested in attending please contact Eden Casteel.

Teacher Training Day, Saturday, April 29th, 10:00 am to 5:00 pm in the Washington DC/Baltimore area for SVW teachers. Teachers work with each other with supervision from Jeanie, fee $125.
On Sunday, April 30th, 1:30 to 5:30, fee $85. Jeanie will work with students of SVW teachers in front of the group. Refreshments included. Location to be announced upon registration.
In addition, Jeanie is offering a free class on Friday evening, April 28th, from 7 to 9 pm, to discuss Somatic Voicework™ with anyone who would like to find out more about it. Those who might be contemplating doing any of the Levels at Baldwin Wallace next July are welcome to attend this informative evening session at no cost. There will be handouts and Jeanie will work with a few of the evening's participants. Those interested in attending should contact Jennifer Suess.


The Chicago Institute for Voice Care will host a workshop co-sponsored by the Chicago Chapter of The Voice Foundation on March 25-26 for singers and singing teachers called "What Makes A Singer Successful". Davin Youngs, a singing teacher in Chicago and Jeannette LoVetri, Singing Voice Specialist, from New York City, will join Dr. Steven Simms, Laryngologist, and Jan Potter Reed, Speech Language Pathologist. The two days will offer multiple useful options for singers and singing teachers including vocal health and hygiene information, vocal training insights, marketing for singers, repertoire selection and opportunities to sing for Ms. LoVetri. Please view the flyer for additional information. For registration information, please visit the Chicago Chapter of The Voice Foundation.. For any other questions, please email Jan Potter Reed.