Consultations for Individuals

Singing Voice

Professional Singers

The needs of professional singers vary quite a bit. Jazz singers don’t want to sound like rockers, folk singers don’t want to sound like Broadway singers. Each singer wants to maintain the individuality of his or her voice, but remain healthy. Every singer wants to use the voice uniquely, but in a way that expresses the heart and mind of the music being sung

Training for any non-classical singer, no matter what the style, requires expertise in evaluating vocal function, stylistic parameters, performance environments, musical arrangements and many other factors. All vocal function should place health at the top of the list of requirements for a professional singer, and include instruction for the performer on how to keep the voice and body going under all manner of stressful situations, as well as in everyday life.

Training for singers, even those who sing “naturally” is of vital importance, as it maximizes the potential for the voice to do everything it can, and minimizes the possibility that singing will contribute to vocal fatigue and injury.

Ms. LoVetri is highly regarded for helping artists of CCM in all styles be more of who they already are. She helps every vocalist find satisfaction, comfort, freedom, and self-expression through healthy vocal use, no matter what type of music is being sung.

Singing Voice Specialist

A Singing Voice Specialist is someone who is qualified to retrain singers recovering from illness or injury. Most singing teachers are NOT Singing Voice Specialists, as it requires a type of training that is not generally available in any school or program. The singing teacher must be trained by observing doctors, speech pathologist, and voice researchers until he or she has become familiar with a number of voice disciplines, and must participate in voice research, study and application of a variety of techniques under their supervision. The teacher must gain the confidence of the medical and clinical specialists through close association over time and must demonstrate competency in dealing with voices that have had a variety of health-related issues.

Jeannette LoVetri has worked as a Singing Voice Specialist since 1989 and has been consultant at the Grabscheidt Voice Center, Mt. Sinai Medical Center; Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center; and the New York Eye and Ear Infirmary, all in New York City; in liaison with leading otolaryngologists and speech pathologists to help professional and serious amateur singers return to functional ability. She frequently has patients referred to her by medical and clinical colleagues in the New York area, but also has worked with clients from Baltimore, Philadelphia and Boston.


From time to time serious singers who are not professionals need guidance. Ms. LoVetri will make every effort to be available for a consultation for such individuals, as time permits. Please contact The Voice Workshop to discuss arranging a telephone consultation or a personal appointment in the Manhattan Voice Workshop studio. Guidance about receiving further training with a Somatic Voicework™ certified teacher may be provided at that time.

Speaking Voice

Ms. LoVetri works in liaison with some of the New York area’s most highly regarded speech pathologists and speech teachers. She is happy to consult on the speaking voice as it relates to singing and will refer to speech specialists as necessary.

Consultations for Groups

If you have a question or problem with your programs concerning CCM training, or with other voice-related training issues, a consultation may be helpful. An experienced expert can help spot troublesome areas in vocal training programs that are currently in place for singing or speaking, or help create a curriculum for various vocal training programs based upon “real world” requirements for CCM, or function as an objective outside party in evaluation of changes that need to be implemented in departments, programs or personnel.

Ms. LoVetri has consulted with a number of leading universities on such issues and will provide recommendations upon request. All consultation is completely confidential, unless otherwise requested.


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