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Jeannette LoVetri, known to her friends as Jeanie, is creator of Somatic Voicework, her method for teaching Contemporary Commercial Music, or the styles formerly referred to as "non-classical". She created the term Contemporary Commercial Music (CCM) in 2000 and it has since been widely used to describe styles born or developed here in the United States including music theater, jazz, rock, pop, country, Gospel, R&B, blues, bluegrass, rap, alternative and derivatives of each of them.

She has been teaching singing since 1971, arriving in New York City in 1975. Her first students on Broadway in 1980 were leads in the revival of "42nd Street" and she has taught many Broadway performers, at all levels, since that time. She also works with noted performers of rock, jazz, country, gospel, blues, and alternative styles including Grammy winners and Tony nominees. She is well known and respected nationally and internationally in the voice science and medical communities as a singing expert, and has received a citation from Centro Estudo da Voz in Sao Paulo, Brazil, awarded by Dr. Mara Behlau for her master clinician work there. She has received an award from the New York Singing Teachers' Association for service to the profession and her work in voice science research and is also a recipient of the Van Lawrence Fellowship given by the National Association of Teachers of Singing and the Voice Foundation for related work in voice pedagogy and science. She is Secretary of The American Academy of Teachers of Singing, a national organization of elite singing teachers who together write articles of importance to the profession. The Academy is a closed organization of 40 eminent singing teacher members and has nomination and acceptance only from within.

LoVetri has been keynote speaker at conferences in the USA and internationally including "Rehabilitation of the Professional Voice" at the University of Michigan Ann Arbor in 2009, and at "Sing Into Spring" for the Australian Association of Teachers of Singing in Perth in 2008. She has also been a featured speaker at 'Science and the Singing Teacher in the New Millennium", sponsored and presented by the New York Singing Teachers' Association (of which she is a past president) and by Mt. Sinai Medical Center in 2000. Most recently, she was a featured presenter at Oberlin Conservatory in Ohio in January 2014, in a conference on Contemporary Commercial Music. The conference featured Oberlin faculty members, medical and clinical specialists from the Cleveland Clinic Voice Care Center and from Ohio State University. She has presented at the PEVOC conferences in Europe and at the PAS conferences here in the USA and for the British Voice Association in London. She also moderated the first panel on Contemporary Commercial Music at the "Symposium: Care of the Professional Voice" sponsored by The Voice Foundation in Philadelphia in 2006.

LoVetri has presented dozens of master classes and workshops, seminars, classes and presentations throughout the USA at Towson State, De Pauw, University of Southern Alabama, Eastern North Carolina University, Washington State University, Baldwin-Wallace University, Illinois Nazarene University, Florida State, Syracuse University, and Berklee College of Music in Boston. In addition to her appearance in Perth, she has taught in Sydney, in Sao Paulo, Rio, London, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Berlin, Hamburg, and Amsterdam.

LoVetri is the author of three chapters in voice books, "The Performer's Voice", "Teaching Singing in the 21st Century", and "The Moving Voice", and has an article in the soon to be released music dictionary by Dr. Matt Hoch for Scarecrow Press. She has also authored or co-authored over 20 articles of voice science research published in either the Journal of Voice or the Journal of Singing and has been the subject of two articles in the Journal of the American Choral Directors of America and Classical Singer magazine.

Somatic Voicework, The LoVetri Method, is taught at five United States universities: Shenandoah Conservatory in Winchester, Virginia; University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth; University of Central Oklahoma, Edmond; and City College of New York, in New York City. Shenandoah is home for her three-tier method, offering Somatic Voicework through their Contemporary Commercial Music Vocal Pedagogy Institute every summer. The courses are required in both their master's and doctoral degree programs. Over 1,000 teachers of singing have passed through at least one level of her training, from 40 states and 11 foreign countries, many of them holding college positions and doctoral degrees in voice.

LoVetri performed in both classical music as a lyric soprano and in music theater both regionally and Off-Broadway. She continues to sing occasionally and appeared in December 2013, with the New York City Community Chorus as soloist in excerpts from Handel's "Messiah" and in an improvisational acapella vocal accompaniment to a modern dance performance. Her students have performed at Carnegie, Avery Fisher and Alice Tully Halls and the Rose Room in New York, and Albert Hall in London, as well as at Birdland, Smoke, The Blue Note, and other noted venues throughout the USA and the world.

For over twenty, LoVetri was Singing Specialist for the Brooklyn Youth Chorus Academy, working with Founder and Artistic Director, Dianne Berkun on developing their unique training program, Cross-Choral Training®. The chorus has a Grammy for their performance of "On The Transmigration of Souls" by John Adams. Currently she is on the board of directors for the Jazz Drama Program.

LoVetri has participated in voice research with Dr. John Sundberg, Dr. Ingo Titze, Dr. Peak Woo, Dr. Jason Surow, and with singing teacher colleagues Dr. Katherine Barnes-Burroughs, Edrie Means Weekly, Edward Reisert, Donna Gullstrand and many others. She continues to be interested in all aspects of voice science research and pedagogical changes that are taking place all over the world as Contemporary Commercial Music receives greater attention as a viable topic of academic and scientific research and study.


Curriculum Vitae - 2009

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Somatic Voicework™ Training

The new LoVetri Institute for Somatic Voicework™ will offer all three Levels of Somatic Voicework™ at Baldwin Wallace University in Berea Ohio (suburb of Cleveland) July 22nd through July 30th 2017. This program, nationally and internationally recognized by singers, singing teachers, music educators and vocal professionals from speech language pathology, voice science and medicine, has graduated over 1200 individuals. For more detailed information and the link to registration please visit LoVetri Institute at Baldwin Wallace web page. For any questions, please email Meredith Kurtz at Baldwin Wallace

Teacher Training Days and Teacher Support Groups

On Saturday April 9, Jeanie will do a one-day Master Class/Intro to SVW at Wheaton College in Norton MA, 9-4pm. That will be open to everyone and is hosted by Rhode Island RI NATS. On Sunday April 10, Jeanie will hold a TSG at Roger Williams University in Bristol 1-5pm, fee $85 for SVW grads and Jeanie will work with students of SVW teachers in front of the group. Those interested in attending please contact Eden Casteel.

Teacher Training Day, Saturday, April 29th, 10:00 am to 5:00 pm in the Washington DC/Baltimore area for SVW teachers. Teachers work with each other with supervision from Jeanie, fee $125.
On Sunday, April 30th, 1:30 to 5:30, fee $85. Jeanie will work with students of SVW teachers in front of the group. Refreshments included. Location to be announced upon registration.
In addition, Jeanie is offering a free class on Friday evening, April 28th, from 7 to 9 pm, to discuss Somatic Voicework™ with anyone who would like to find out more about it. Those who might be contemplating doing any of the Levels at Baldwin Wallace next July are welcome to attend this informative evening session at no cost. There will be handouts and Jeanie will work with a few of the evening's participants. Those interested in attending should contact Jennifer Suess.


The Chicago Institute for Voice Care will host a workshop co-sponsored by the Chicago Chapter of The Voice Foundation on March 25-26 for singers and singing teachers called "What Makes A Singer Successful". Davin Youngs, a singing teacher in Chicago and Jeannette LoVetri, Singing Voice Specialist, from New York City, will join Dr. Steven Simms, Laryngologist, and Jan Potter Reed, Speech Language Pathologist. The two days will offer multiple useful options for singers and singing teachers including vocal health and hygiene information, vocal training insights, marketing for singers, repertoire selection and opportunities to sing for Ms. LoVetri. Please view the flyer for additional information. For registration information, please visit the Chicago Chapter of The Voice Foundation.. For any other questions, please email Jan Potter Reed.